Why Hire a Professional for Window Installations

The windows of your home are perhaps some of the most important parts of it. Not only do they give you a view of the outdoors but they also let the sunshine flood through all throughout the year. With these being so important, you might be thinking about having professional window installations done to help replace them. At Eastern Shore Window we know the expense of hiring a contractor often seems unnecessary, but with something as important as your windows, it definitely is. Some of the most important reasons why include:

1. Measurements and Fit

Installing replacement windows is something that requires precise measurements, which our contractors have vast experience with. We know that even 1/2 of an inch can make a huge difference with the seal of a window, which is why we double and triple check our measurements. This ensures your windows are installed with a tight seals and left to protect your home from the outdoor elements better than ever before.

2. Heavy Lifting

Windows, even those that are small, can be heavy and incredibly delicate. This puts them at high risk of falling if you were to drop them during install, which is common among homeowners. If you have a professional take care of the install, this won’t be a worry. Our installers take great care to make sure the glass is handled properly from the start of the install until the finish.

3. Results

When you have your windows professionally installed, you’ll notice. Not only will the seal be tight and the measurements be exact, but the look of the window will be perfect. This is especially important if you’re planning on selling, because buyers notice the details.

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